Physique du role

The style of Porto Rotondo tolerates no laziness because the obsession with physical wellbeing here has always been inextricably linked to the seaside lifestyle. This particular attention to fitness is only natural, given that as soon as you arrive… you peel off your everyday clothes and slip on your flip-flops! The laziest among us are only too well aware that seaside living entails showing off a little more flesh than usual…but, luckily, in Porto Rotondo it is easy and indeed enjoyable to redress the consequences of a long, grey winter. Loading and then unloading suitcases helps straight away, and if that is not enough, then once you have left the car in the car-park, you can start walking to get to the beach or go for an aperitif, before moving on to stage two of your fitness recovery programme…

Running shoes, cap, sunglasses, smartphone and earphones: this is how suntans are generally shown off in Porto Rotondo. In the morning or at sunset, along avenues leading through lovely gardens, along little lanes that run between villas and come out in front of the emerald green sea, people run in pursuit of the perfect balance of physical and mental wellbeing. It seems like the entire village is devoted to this fitness regime: from models making the most of the last few hours before a flight, to important businessmen, owners of the finest villas, and neighbours. All virtually unrecognizable behind their sunglasses, lost in their favourite music or perhaps a Russian language lesson. Runners pound the pavement that leads to Ira beach and from there continues round Nuraghe, with fantastic views across to Portisco. Some get breathless running up the hill on the way back to Punta Volpe, many manage to keep up a good pace on the beautiful stretch between Porto Rotondo and Marinella, where you can leave the road and run the entire length of the gorgeous beach, and then picking up the road again at the roundabout by the original entrance to the prestigious Hotel Abi d’Oru. Ladies, armed with trekking poles, can be seen here and there between clumps of Mediterranean scrub on the hill up to Madonnina del Monte. It is unthinkable not to take advantage of a stay in Porto Rotondo, which Mother Nature has built like a veritable keep-fit circuit! With climbs, descents, steps and flowering walls that entice you to stop and do a few simple stretching exercises, the whole village seems purpose-built to offer gentle, continuous exercise. All against a backdrop that is the stuff of dreams: glimpses of perfectly manicured gardens, lemon trees heavy with fruit, the heady scent of jasmine in June, oleaster in September. Once you have mastered the network of lanes, your fitness route can take in sunny paths or pleasantly shaded roads with a break at the benches in the Marina, a return circuit of which clocks up about 4 km! Ideal for losing a bit of weight as you admire the sunset!

Text by N.T